Name: AJ Fox

Age: 25
Location: Ridgecrest, CA
Measurements: 5.2”/36”/30”/28”

How long have you been in the modeling industry?
I have been modeling for about two years now.

Tell me about your very first photo shoot/fashion show?
My very 1st shoot was with an awesome photographer name Dee Thomas. He and I met when I was a shot girl at Club Crave in Palmdale California. Dee enjoyed my personality and look after talking he invited me to do a bad girl shoot that he was having in downtown Los Angles. I expressed to him that I have never done a photo shoot before and don’t know what it takes or what to bring. He was very helpful, fun and made me feel comfortable during the two hour shoot. It was my 1st time doing a shoot and after seeing the images, I fell in love! The pictures got published a week or so later in Kult Magazine. I will never forget my 1st shoot.

Who is your biggest inspiration as a model?
My biggest inspiration as a model would be Elle Audra. She is a boss lady who owns her own tattoo polar (Black Filigree tattoo) and designs some pretty awesome clothing which she calls Black Filigree Couture. I love her confidence in pictures, her look, and style.

What positive influences have gotten you to this point in your career? (Life events i.e. relationship, marriage, children etc…)
Positive influences that have gotten me to this point would be to know how much life can just pass you by. Not for filling it or taking advantages, risks in your life before it comes to an end motivates me to do what I want and enjoy. I have had a few friends pass away at a very young age and to know that they couldn’t live there life to the fullest as they wanted too. It gave me the strength to not care what people say or think, to not be afraid about what I want to pursue wither it’s just for a hobby or long term. I want to live life how I want it before it ends.

Tell me about your best/ worst experience as a model.
My best experience would be working with this photographer named Camron. It was my 1st group shoot at MXD Studio’s and I was very nervous. There were about eight photographers and four models including me. Only one stood out to me because he is a sports photographer and has never done a group shoot with beautiful females. It was both of our 1st times in an event like this and we leaned on each other for comfort not really knowing one another. He shot me and I modeled. His images were and still are the best I have seen. We were both proud of each other at the end of the event. I gained a awesome friend, that day.

My worst experience as a model would be working with people that do not have your best intentions. I will not put names out there. Whenever I work with people that only want to get you naked and flirt it makes things uncomfortable, unprofessional and I get scared. It has happened to me a couple of times where the photographer that paid for me to come to his studio and shoot, only had one thing on his mind. I learned to always bring someone with me, never go completely alone.

What types of modeling are you interested in and why?
I am interested in art work, ink, sport bikes, lingerie. I enjoy the tomboy look, it’s who I am. The girlie-girl preppy look isn’t for me at all. You will never catch me in a pink outfit unless its rock stared out.

What is the weirdest/ most extravagant place you have ever had to do a photo shoot?
The most extravagant place would be one that just happened recently by Lake Isabella. The road up to the lake at this time of year is beautiful. The mountains and scenery is perfect for photography. It was so quiet and peaceful.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
I see myself tatted and employed! Ha, HA! I am currently a nurse in a small town. I travel for my modeling and go-go dancing. In five years I would like to be living in a large city, near the ocean with a baby boy and still pursuing modeling with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing.

What part of your body gets the most attention?
The body that gets the most attention would be my legs. My legs in heels are the best legs you will ever see!

Do you have any tattoos? If so…tell me about the first tattoo you ever got and the experience. ((Also feel free to list any other tattoos or tattoo experiences.) Do you have previous modeling experience?
I have about 13 tattoos as of right now but more are on the way! I love the pain of getting a tattoo and the finished are work when it is done. The healing process sucks but it is worth it to me. I got my 1st tattoo when I was seventeen. It was little wings on my back. Not only were the wings small but they weren’t centered either. I didn’t really see how terrible my 1st tattoo was until my four. Then I just became pro on how what I wanted and how to take care of my skin after a session.

How do feel about tattoo and model reality T.V.shows, and contest?
I enjoy being in a contest. I am a attention whore! I love getting the attention of others. All eyes on me! That’s why I enjoy dancing. I won a go-go contest and it started off my go-go dancing hobby. I love dancing and I enjoy the spot light with that 1st place cash prize.

Do you think that it enhances or cheapens urban culture?
I believe that it enhances urban culture. More and more are interested in the urban life and its way of art.

Do you think tattoo and piercings are more socially and professionally acceptable in the world of modeling?
Yes! I am acceptable more in the modeling word with my tattoos and piercings then real work world. In the nursing field you have to look professional. No piecing’s and no tattoos can be showing. I have to cover myself very time I go to work. But when I go to model gig, I get complements on the piecing and tattoo some even want me to get more tattoo for their next issue. It seems like the more I have, the more popular I get on the social network, but then I am also more at risk in the work place for dismissal. I have known there to be more and more jobs allowing ink work to be shown in the work place. They allow it because for some it’s their culture or beliefs to have piercings or marks on themselves, so who are they to change that.

How have people’s attitudes changed throughout your career toward this growing art form of tattooing?
More people are accepting towards the art that I carry on my body. Of course there are people that are very old school and do not understand why I would have something so permeant on my body. I tell them it’s because every art work I have tatted on me tells a story. For every tattoo there is a reason behind it, either a reminder or memory.

Where else can we see you besides Smoke and Ink Magazine?
You can see me at Club Infusion in Hollywood, Club Couture, and The Attic as a go-go dancer.

What personality traits do you have that make you a good model?
I go into every shoot with a smile and willingness to try something different. I have been told many times that I am great and fun to work with. If you are not having fun then it just makes the whole shoot awkward and you will see it in your face, image, and picture.

Have you been previously published?
I have been published in
Kult Magazine
RHK Magazine kicks& tatts edition
RHK Magazine Halloween Edition
Inked Magazine
Southern Ink Magazine
Hush Hush Magazine
So Kold Magazine (tattoo edition)

What photographer(s) have you worked with? My Favorites:
Dee Thomas/ trills imagery
Mathew Leland/MLS photography
Mark Valinsky
MXD Studio
HYO Photography + many more
Have you worked with any exclusive or trending makeup artist or hair stylist?
Jomarie Bills

Have you been featured in any music videos?
No, I like to stay away from though

Full time professional nurse, go go dancer and model. I have that unique mix of hawiian, black and Filipino and have been modeling for only acouple of years and have been fortunate to be published in a different magazines. I am incredibly versatile and can model a wide spectrum of different styles, but love the punk rock tomboy look now a days. I love creating art and to me modeling is more than just taking a pretty picture. It’s a visual experience. I want the viewer to FEEL something when they see my picture, admire the body, ink, clothing, beauty and be able to see the personality in the picture.

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