Smoke and Ink


Chaz Gransberry

Milwaukee Wisconsin

Age 31

Representing all the Tattoo artist that came from tattooing out of their home because that’s where I started and learned mostly everything before I started working in a shop

Chaz Grans sent January 17 at 4:56 PM
Shop name and location,THE SKIN MUSEUM 2917 n Oakland

Tattooing since 2010
Fav style technique:I like water color and japanese style but all time favorite style would be American Traditional

Fav machine would be mostly anything that can put in smooth lines:smooth shading and color packing

Preferred ink would be starbrite dynamic and eternal

Chaz Grans sent January 17 at 5:12 PM
Creative influences are Ed Hardy Thom Devita….but my influences in my city are Chris Burke and Aaron Rodgers at Ghostlight tattoo

What inspires me as an artist is seeing other artist be creative and come up with dope art

Who inspires me:The dope artist in my city,im a fan of everyone else’s art

When I’m not tattooing I’m being a father:family man

I would love to work with Chris Burke and Aaron Rodger,if I become half as great as those guys I’ll be satisfied lol

Learning everything on my own and not having any help with becoming a better tattoo artist has affected my development as an artist,because everyone tells me I’m good but I’ll never be good enough because I’m always learning and striving to become better

I’ve never tattooed out of Wisconsin

Fans can check out my work on fb Chaz Grans
Instagram Kruz_Tattoos

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