Name: Ms.Cookie Monroe

Age: 22

Location: Houston , Tx

Measurements: Height/Bust/Waist/Hips
5’4″ , 34B , 24, 38

Richmade Marketing Agency

How long have you been in the modeling industry?
5 years

Tell me about your very first photo shoot/ \fashion show? Were
you nervous, anxious;or is there some unforgettable story or moment?
Photoshoot .. I remember with who but not when .. But I know in the year of 2009.
AllStar 2013 .. First fashion show . Ro Collection. It was in Houston , Texas. No, not nervous .. A lot of anxiousness though.

Who is your biggest inspiration as a model?
Naomi Campbell .

What positive influences have gotten you to this point in your career? (Life events i.e. relationship, marriage, children etc…)
My Daughter , hands down .

Tell me about your best/ worst experience as a model.
In this industry I’ve learned that most of my colleagues aren’t really as genuine & honest as they portray themselves to be.

What types of modeling are you interested in and why?
Urban . I love my body & I love to show it off. What better arena?!

What is the weirdest/ most extravagant place you
have ever had to do a photo shoot?
Weirdest – in someone’s home .
Most extravagant – a nice 5 star hotel.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
Buying my first home. :)

What part of your body gets the most attention?
My butt. lol

Do you have any tattoos? If so…tell me about the first tattoo you ever got and the experience. ((Also feel free to list any other tattoos or tattoo experiences. ) Do you have previous modeling experience?
I have 8 or 9 tattoos . My first was my moms name . Very meaningful. & my fav is my side tattoo “attitude determines altitude.”

How do feel about tattoo and model reality T.V.
shows, and contest?
I live for all 3. ;) lol

Do you think that it enhancesor cheapens urban culture?
Neither. This is a new era and generation! It’s what we like.

Do you think tattoo and piercings are more socially and professionally acceptable in the world of modeling?
Tattoos are .. Not so much on the piercings tho.

How have people’s attitudes changed throughout your career
toward this growing art form of tattooing?
Lol. It’s funny bc when I got my first tat in 07 my mom was pissed!! But as of today .. I think she’s even considering getting one.

Where else can we see you besides Smoke and Ink Magazine?
straight Stuntin , iDymes .
Twitter & Instagram.

What personality traits do you have that make you a good model?
Independence , headstrong , dedication , determination , goals!!

Have you been previously published?


What photographer(s) have you worked with?
Prive , Christopher Green , Facet , Doss , Spade , kofk photos , t.wade.. Lol that’s all I can think of at the moment.

Have you worked with any exclusive or trending makeup artist or hair stylist?
Yes. Mz.Knowles is amazing!!!!

Have you been featured in any music videos?
Yes . A few . Maxo KREAM , stalley , zro .. And others .